A garden of tears (2009)

Case Summary:

 Kathryn-Mary Herbert, age 11, was abducted on September 24th 1975, in Abbotsford, British Columbia and likely murdered the same day. She was on her way home from a friend’s place on a school night, and last seen at the intersection of Townline Road and Marshall Road close to the Abbotsford airport around 9 pm. Her body was found almost two months later on November 17, 1975 under some rotting boards from a collapsed outhouse on the Matsqui Indian Reserve north of Abbotsford. Kathryn-Mary’s case has been linked by police to two other murders, that of Theresa Hildebrandt, age 15, also killed in the Abbotsford area (1976) and Monica Jack, age 12, killed near Nicola Lake, BC (1978). Kathryn-Mary’s mother Shari has always believed the case could be solved and together with filmmaker David Ridgen, she undertakes some surprising investigation of her own.

Series background:

Canadian Cold Case is a story and character-driven revisiting of modern-era unsolved crimes involving Canadians from across the country. In each program, filmmaker David Ridgen works collaboratively with victim’s family members and others to return to crime scenes and hear the stories and voices of cases told through the eyes of those most closely connected to them. Programs will provide the opportunity to re-investigate tips and other avenues with the potential to generate new information that could, through the process, potentially re-energize cases.

Airdate: Friday October 30, 2009 CBC Radio’s The Current @ 8:30 AM (The Current)
CBC TV’s The National @ 10 PM on the Main CBC Network (The National)

Unsolvedcanada.com: file.


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David Ridgen

(HD, 21 min., 2009 © CBC TV)

2 thoughts

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  2. I have thought of this little girl all my life . You see , I attended elementary school with her . (Kathryn Herbert). No words could ever say how sad those days were for me and my class mates when our loved classmate went missing. So sorry for the grief the family has had to endure all these years. L K.

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