Woods IR 20

David Ridgen

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  1. Pertaining to –five-year-old Adrien McNaughton

    In our neck of the woods, at that time we had a man, who was hiding in bushes and other places attempting to go after children. He would try to pick up little kids going home from school in his car as well.

    I do not know if he was ever picked up or not. I don’t think he ever was.
    Before that he was around as well. Hiding in grave yards etc.
    That would be around that time and quit a few years before that,

    Now a few years back there was an older fellow who was picked up in Ottawa it was aired on CTC News. That would be a bit after 1999 and before 2006 when I saw that news cast.
    He sure looked a alot like the guy, who hid in the bush, only he was older of course.

    Apparently the guy who was doing the hiding to go after children was also seen in Westmeath. So he got around.
    Calabogie is a short distance from Renfrew, where a number of kids had seen him. I would imagine that one never stopped going after children.

    Then again I could be wrong.

    He would be one of the ones, that would be on my suspect list however.
    I saw him way back, on my way home from school.
    That would be about 50 years ago give or take, when I saw him.
    He had been seen before that by other kids. I am guessing it was the same man. His ways and means did not change.

    The old guy on CTV, was still after kids, so if he was the same person he never stopped. All that one got was a slap on the hand.

    That old man may have died by now.
    I don’t remember, what his name was.
    I do remember how was pretending to be all crippled up so everyone would think he was a harmless old man.
    That apparently was just an act.

    If it was not him, it may have been someone like him, who picked up the little guy.

    Some of them, just never stop going after little kids.
    Some have had a hundred or more victims.
    If you look through history that is.

    • Hi Jeremy. I only infrequently moderate comments on my web site. Thanks for sending yours! I am aware of some of the cases you speak of and am looking into these and others for upcoming seasons of SKS. Best, David

  2. Hi David

    Just a brief note to say how well the pods have done, you & the crew deserve credit for the professional quality of your journalism & production.

    Thank you also for doing something truly special in helping the family & friends Adrien & Sheryl, your exhaustive work will no doubt bear fruit, one day.

    I am unable to say anything to their families so perhaps you could & pass on my heartfelt feelings for their loss.. & god bless them & give them strength.

    Please keep up the great work!!

    Regards to all

  3. Hi David 🙂 It takes an immense amount of talent, humility, kindness, skill, wit and forethought to impress me. And you’ve managed to do that. Well done, sir. Your work is admirable, deft, nuanced and handled with an eye towards the story — not the presenter. I applaud the quiet, dogged way in which you accomplish your work. You are a joy to listen to. Thank you for bringing humanity back to journalism.

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