Media: On the borders of gardens (2000)



“Dear David, Very glad to hear that the film is done and will be broadcast soon. I hope you have a well-tested bullet-proof vest.”

-Prof. Noam Chomsky, MIT

“Overwhelming sense of sadness pervades fine film on Palestine.”

-Mark Horton, Edmonton Journal

“Ridgen walks headlong into this political and human minefield with the aplomb of an inquiring reporter [and] asks a number of explosive questions.”

-Sheldon Kirshner, Canadian Jewish News


2000-03-23 Canadian Jewish News by Sheldon Kirshner
Solution for refugees difficult two films show

2000-11-02 Edmonton Journal by Marc Horton
Documentary probes tragic Mideast conflict

2000-04-04 Toronto Star by Antonia Zerbisias
Documentaries examine Holy Land

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