the metaphorical elephant (it’s the same thing)

A series of films about activism, humans, and other animals. Filmed in Thailand and Canada with Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, Darrick Thomson, and a cast of hundreds.

**WARNING: Images are disturbing**

Episode: “it’s the same thing” looks at the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia and features interviews with Lek Chailert, Darrick Thomson, and an undercover dog meat trade investigator.

Episodes in the series may be watched in any order.

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5 thoughts

  1. Oh shit too much too much suffering of these animals,l tried really hard to watch it but kept fast forwarding it l am a coward. Thanks David again for an explosive palpably moving episode

    • Jen, it’s part of the art of humanity that we must discern the design of these things. I know only that the answer is not: more of the same. Like Darrick and Lek say, the difference is in our minds. Miss you. David

      • All power you you David for advocating and telling the true story of what is really happening.

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