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Selected Film, TV, Radio

2014 TBA (doc series in pre-production)
2014 Love song for the apocalypse
2014 duckbox (drama in development)
2014 cinemalbum (doc in development)
2014 the metaphorical elephant (doc in development)
2014 Ice Age (drama series in development)
2009-2013 Canadian Cold Case (doc series Ep. 1 2 3 4 5)
2013 Confession to Murder Part II
2013 Treatment Centre
2012 Confession to Murder Part I
2011 Reconciliation in Mississippi
2011 Murder at the Shoe Shop
2010 American Radical: the trials of Norman Finkelstein (Co-Director, Co-Producer, Camera)
2010 Sharin’
2009 The bomb that killed Wayne Greavette
2009 A garden of tears
2007 Mississippi Cold Case
2006 Black Dawn: The Next Pandemic (Addt’l Writer/Director/Camera)
2005 GWAR
2005 A Viable Palestine?
2005 Wal-Mart Unionization
2005 Innate Democracy?
2005 Fear of Dying
2004 The Devil
2004 Return to Mississippi (Director/Co-Producer/Camera)
2004 Showdown in Steeltown
2004 Buried Alive
2003 The Village 
2003 Ahmad Chalabi
2001 Steven Page
2000 On the Borders of Gardens
1996 Memento
1993 Canadian Images of Vietnam
1990 re.Action (Director)
1989 Dawn is a video

Other work by David Ridgen

Cassandra Cronenberg interview about “Candy” (2013)
Camp Miakonda (2013)
A day at Beau’s (2013)

Selected online by David Ridgen

2012-05-18 CBC Online, by David Ridgen
OPP errors haunt family of missing girl

Fall 2011 ed., Nieman Reports (Harvard University) by David Ridgen
It takes a hard driving team to uncover the truth

2011-01-01 Northeastern University Press, by David Ridgen
Cracking a Mississippi Cold Case

2010 coldcases.org publication, by David Ridgen
site sample: The Henry Dee and Charles Moore Case

2007-05-03 CBC Online, by David Ridgen
U.S. governor censored news release, photos in civil rights cold case

2007-03-09 CBC Online, by David Ridgen
Accused in 1964 Mississippi race slayings wrote hate letter

Summer 2001 ed., CAJ Media Magazine, by David Ridgen
On the borders of gardens

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