David Ridgen is an award­-winning media producer specializing in hard­hitting, character­-driven, POV, investigative television and theatrical programming. Ridgen Film is currently expanding further into the areas of drama and new media production. Recent works by Ridgen have been credited with the re­opening of cold cases and arrests (i.e., Confession to Murder Part I & II), putting a Klansman behind bars for a civil rights-era double murder (i.e, Mississippi Cold Case), making progressive impact on the Israel/Palestine issue (i.e, American Radical: the trials of Norman Finkelstein), and spurring victim reconciliation with perpetrators (i.e., Reconciliation in Mississippi).


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  1. Hi David, just listened to you on cbc.Very impressive and curious.I remember the story quite well as i grew up with both you an Lee Mc Naughton. Congratulations on your successes on much luck with future investigations. I have many questions as i am studying police sciences. Very exciting.
    Old chum
    Karen Andrews

      • Hi David, I am on my 3rd time through the SKS podcast, they are my favorites. I wanted to say that the way you used the Raven’s caw in season 5 was brilliant, especially in the ”Marney” episode.
        Also, I want to commend you on your bravery and perseverance in the KKK investigation. Just as in the Up and Vanished podcast, if you hadn’t investigated, it would still be a cold case.”It’s the wrong body”
        Good job!
        My name is Scott Metcalf, I am from Erwin, Tennessee and my favorite true crime podcasts are from the CBC.

  2. My dad helped on the search for. Missing child out in the calabogie area

    He was always wondering why they were not allowed to check or did not check under a huge pile of rocks in the search area. He thought they were out of place in the woods. I do not have the whole story but I could ask him details if your interested in more.

      • Hello I’m not sure if you take requests but there is a cold case in my town that maybe of interest to you …its been 33 years since Lynn Oliver went missing after leaving for workplace at a new Glasgow NS dry cleaner. She left behide a 18 month old son that to this day wants answers about what happen to his mother who was 22 at the time it is pic you county’s longest cold case

  3. I’ve just learned of your work through, you guessed it, SKS. Your storytelling is fantastic. I can’t wait to check out your other work.
    I’m not sure if you’re open to story ideas, but there’s a case from 2012 that has nagged at me like a tick in my neck. I’ll email you about it, just in case there’s a chance it’ll pique your interest.

  4. I also liked your SKS I actually just caught the last episode today and am anxious to hear if u do one more episode if the divers do comeback ..Iam very interested in true crime and theres a few that i often wonder about around my area. off hand one would be Jake Just out of midland. Also Cindy Halliday who was hitch hiking home from barrie back to the out skirts of midland ont and was found off a log road dead the day after police found everything someone droped off her jacket where police had allready searched for evidence and it had rained all night this jacked was dry and had been washed i think the perp was toying with them. Lastly is Leah Sousa again in the area near midland i wont go into that one as iam sure u have heard of the grim details of the little girl but those are some that i would love to see looked in to even christine calayenca went missing from a camp ground up near graven hurst area or north bay….Just some ideas for local stuff..

  5. David – I just listened to season 1 of sks. So good and so heartbreaking. Hope you find something that gives that family some peace. Please lookup Crystal Rogers (missing) and her father Tommy Ballard (murdered this November while hunting). In Bardstown, KY. People close have said he was getting to close to figuring out what happened to his daughter. I do not know them personally, this all has happened the town over from me but that family has been in my prayers and I believe SKS!

  6. Hi Mr. Ridgen,
    I’m a teacher who is a massive fan of your work. I’m always looking to find ways to engage students and obviously your SKS podcast (amongst other things) doesn’t fall into the range of “appropriate” things to share with my students but I was wondering if you would ever have any time or desire to take students through your approach to interviewing, media works such as podcasts, etc. It would be remiss to not try and see if I could convince you to share your talents in some fashion. Regardless, keep up the great work!

  7. Hi David,
    I just finished season 2 of SKS.Your interview style is amazing; I felt like I was literally in the room with you for every conversation.
    I can’t wait to hear more from SKS. I’ve got all my friends listening too. Thank you for a truly stellar podcast! Please do more.
    Los Angeles

  8. Hey David, I’ve listened to every SKS episode you’ve put out. Just wanted to say your investigative reporting is outstanding, storytelling highly engrossing and attention to detail excellent. Season three was incredibly moving and I’m so glad all your hard work (and Thomas’s) paid off. Looking forward to season 4 🙂

  9. Thank you for your great investigative Podcast. Just got done Season 1 of SKS (Glad to see great content on CBC) . Such a bizarre situation . my heart goes out to the family . I couldn’t begin to imagine the pain they feel . I’m sure they appreciate the help . One question i have is. Is it possible that nobody knows anything ? Great work Mr.Ridgen ! Big Fan !

    – Alex
    Aylmer Qc

  10. Gripping,Truly Binge Worthy..SKS-Addictive and wanting more after it’s over! David Ridgen my favorite podcast storyteller!

  11. Hi David.
    I have been listening to SKS and just love the way you seem to put your whole being into the investigation. Have just finished season 3. Just amazing how you and Thomas fought for justice and won so many years later! I am absolutely loving your podcasts and can’t wait to hear what more you have coming.
    Jo. Australia

  12. I just discovered SKS and am listening through season two right now. I just wanted to say how appreciative I am of the compassionate and gentle way that you have while working with Odette. You are so utterly respectful and sincere, while at the same time doing the work you need to do to help her in a manner that is straightforward and direct. Even though her story is so sad is just lovely to listen to the relationship you developed with her through the course of your work. Thank-you for being an awesome human!

  13. Hi David,
    I think your Podcast “Someone Knows Something” is amazing!! You probably get a ton of requests to look into cases now, do you mind if I add an idea?

    Jake Just. Missing from Midland, Ontario. He was at a party with friends on Devil’s night in 1998. They were drinking heavily and smashing beer bottles over their heads (weird!?) and around midnight he and a friend left to go home. There is a trail through the woods that connects 2 streets that Jake cut through. His friend opted out of that idea and walked along the street where there was light and waited for his friend to reappear, only he never did. There is swamp land and quicksand in that area. (That’s not a joke). In 20 years, not a single clothing item has been found and thousands of volunteers helped search the area. There’s rumours that something happened at the party, that he was chased, that he returned to the party, that he had a concussion and was drunk and could still be in the woods, in quicksand. It’s such a strange case… The kids were breaking beer bottles over their head? Is that true, or are they covering their tracks when investigators ask them to explain why there’s bloody glass all over the place at the party? There is a rumour that someone saw him run into the woods. Did he run in there hoping to hide from the people that were chasing him? Was anyone even chasing him? It’s hard for me to imagine why someone would take a trail in the woods at night alone when they could have walked with their friend, especially when you were going to end up in the same place either way. It doesn’t seem like a short-cut when you can’t see your hand in front of your face. How many steps into the woods would you take before you came to your senses and turned around? Did he just make a series of bad choices that led him into quicksand pit? This one boggles my mind. I would really like to find out what happened to this kid.

  14. Sks is my favourite podcast. David you do such a good job of telling the story. I’m sure you get many requests. There is a case in Regina that many people would like solved. Tamra Keepness.

  15. Hi David, having only just discovered podcasts as a medium I absolutely appreciate how fortunate I have been to discover SKS! Absolutely Stella work David, honesty compassion integrity professionalism and a real humanity was obvious in every episode to all of the 5 seasons.Thank you and your team and more importantly,peace love and respect to all of the families featured. PS.Season 6???

  16. Hi David,
    Like others commenting, I absolutely love your work. I find it interesting and I am consistently impressed on the journey you take us on with each episode. Your respect for each individual you interview is noted and respected in turn. Thank you for making me think a little deeper and come out of each episode maybe a little smarter.

  17. David, I am so moved by your work. I would love to connect with you on possible collaboration, even though I have no credentials that would impress you.
    I am a Director of software development for a fortune 500 company looking to fulfill my life in another field. You truly inspire me.
    I am sharp and a very quick study.

  18. Hi David,
    I have just listened to all episodes of SKS. You were so compassionate and respectful towards all that you interviewed .I am not aware of any of the cases you covered in the podcasts but just wanted to say I enjoyed listening. I hope that some new information comes to light from the cases you have covered. Kerrie – Australia

  19. David,
    Fan of SKS. Just finishing up season 5. I just wanted to say that you are an amazing investigator! I think it is wonderful how you bring these cold cases back to life and I just hope that the families of the victims can find peace. You have such a way with people and it is incredible how reassuring, kind, helpful, and compassionate you are to not only the families of the victims but everyone you interview.! It amazes me how you keep your composure even when talking to someone who, as a listener, seems very frustrating or may not be telling the truth. Also, kudos to your production team, SKS is such a great podcast that is easy to listen to, keeps me wanting more and pieced together perfectly. Thank you and keep on being great!

    Ashley. Ohio.

  20. Fantastic work David. SKS is phenomenal work, your attention and ability to seamlessly and authentically speak and connect with victims families is quite a gift. This podcast is breathing life into me right now. Thank you!

  21. I’ve listened to all your SKW and NC podcasts. Your podcasts are by far, the best podcasts I’ve listened to. I’m always checking to see if you brought out other shows. I’ll try to watch your films too with my eldest son who’s 17 and loves documentaries. Great work. I’m a french Canadian from Montreal and a lot of my friends don’t speak English. That’s when I wish they could be in French too.

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