Sharin’ (2010)

Doug Baptie: witness to abduction (video clip)
Ted Collins: retired Regina police on Dennis Melvyn Howe (video clip)

Case Summary:

 Sharin’ Morningstar Keenan disappeared around 4 pm from Sibelius Park in Toronto’s Annex area on January 23rd 1983. She was found dead nine days later in a rooming house on Brunswick Avenue very close to the park. A man eventually identified as Dennis Melvyn Howe (DOB Sept 26, 1940) was named the perpetrator by police. Since then, Howe has been on the run and Sharin’s murder has become one of Canada’s most iconic child tragedies.  For the first time ever, Sharin’s mother Lynda has come forward to collaborate on the case, working exclusively with CBC filmmaker David Ridgen. Together they build a never before seen portrait of Sharin’ using the art, writing, and photographs she left behind. And in the process, they uncover new and surprising information about the case, prime suspect Dennis Howe, and about the people who knew Howe that could aid in his capture.

Series background:

Canadian Cold Case is a story and character-driven revisiting of modern-era unsolved crimes involving Canadians from across the country. In each program, filmmaker David Ridgen works collaboratively with victim’s family members and others to return to crime scenes and hear the stories and voices of cases told through the eyes of those most closely connected to them. Programs will provide the opportunity to re-investigate tips and other avenues with the potential to generate new information that could, through the process, potentially re-energize cases.

Airdate: Friday March 12, 2010 CBC Radio’s The Current @ 8:30 AM (The Current)
CBC TV’s The National @ 10 PM Sunday March 14th on the Main CBC Network (The National) file.


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David Ridgen

(HD, 28 min., 2010 © CBC)

One thought

  1. I remember this very well. I lived a couple of blocks from the park where Sharin was abducted. In fact, Sharon and I played tag in a park on the other side of Bathurst St. with other kids just a week or so before she was murdered. So so sad. Sending Lynda lots of love.

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