Murder at the shoe shop (2011)


2011 IRE Finalist
Multi-platform Investigative – Large Market


Man Implicated in Civil Rights-Era Killing of Frank Morris
by Stanley Nelson, Concordia Sentinel

Radio Programs

Solving A 1964 Cold Case: Mystery Of Frank Morris (radio doc)
(NPR “All things considered”)
Murder at the shoe shop (radio doc)
(CBC radio “The Current”)


In December 1964, Frank Morris’ shoe shop was set ablaze in the middle of the night. Still inside at the time, Morris was severely injured; he died four days later at a nearby hospital in Ferriday, La. Like many Southern crimes against blacks in the 1960s — an era of racial strife dominated by criminal activities by the Ku Klux Klan — the incident went unsolved, despite an FBI investigation at the time.

Now, 46 years later, Stanley Nelson, the editor of the Concordia Sentinel newspaper, says he has found information that may implicate a man as a member of a Klan “wrecking crew,” which is said by sources Nelson has interviewed to be responsible for burning down the shop.

He and David Ridgen working together with The Civil Rights Cold Case Project, push the Morris case into the national spotlight in this IRE nominated NPR/CBC documentary.

December 1964, Frank Morris's Ferriday, Louisiana shoe shop after the blaze that killed him.

David Ridgen

(HD, 16 min., 2011 © CBC/NPR)

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