Love song for the apocalypse (2015)

00_slamdance_m-793307Love song for the apocalypse to play in exclusive line-up at Park City, Utah’s Slamdance Film Festival.

Slamdance 2015 Screenings (Park City, Utah) Love song for the apocalypse by David Ridgen & Twenty years of madness by Jeremy Royce Friday, January 23rd @ 7:40 PM in the Gallery Wednesday, January 28th @ 11:30 AM in the Ballroom

Synopsis: We’ve all passed that abandoned farmhouse and wondered who lived and died there, or the derelict motel just off the highway built by the sweat of someone’s dream, or a factory from a bygone era, once all action and turbulence by design, now rusting and untroubled by human endeavour. Their slumping decay, as if back into the natural elements they sprang from, filled with a ragged beauty and mystery like passing micro-museums of recent history. But a new phenomenon is evolving the abandonment scene into a subcultural high art-form and something more intangible. A celebration of fleeting human spaces and what returns after we are gone. A search for something we are missing in a world without us.

Love song for the apocalypse tells a story of nostalgia, beauty, pain and danger in the decay and detritus of humanity. Lyrical, visually and aurally experimental, the film exposes us to a sub-cultural scene that crosses the terrains of the artistic and psychological, the historical and the natural, to preserve and re-purpose in its last moments the worlds and life narratives we construct, and then leave behind.

Starring: Jerm IX, Ninja IX, Terapr0, Rashomon, Gavin, Juliya, Louise, Esther, and more…

Funding: Love song for the apocalypse received funding from Bravofactual, a Bell Media Fund program.

Broadcaster Mag announcement here. bell_media_en BravoFactual logo Download the “Love song for the apocalypse” Electronic Press Kit (EPK) HERE.

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