Confession to murder Part II (2013)

Anthony Ringel May 15, 2013 leaving a bail hearing in Walkerton, Ontario (photo by David Ridgen)

Anthony Ringel May 15, 2013 leaving a bail hearing in Walkerton, Ontario (photo by David Ridgen)

Case Summary

15 year old Christine Harron disappears on May 18, 1993 from Hanover, Ontario. Then, 11 years later, a man named Anthony Ringel comes forward, confessing that he killed her. Confession to Murder Part I tells the shocking story for the first time of how police errors led to the case’s collapse, and how family members, heretofore kept in the dark, make a dramatic bid for answers from the man who confessed. Then, eight months after Confession to Murder Part I goes to air, late on the evening of February 27, 2013, Anthony Ringel is re-arrested six long years after the case went dormant. Confession to Murder Part II documents Christine Harron’s family in the aftermath of this arrest.


2013-03-01 Hanover Post by Patrick Bales “Arrest made in Harron Case”
2013-02-28 Southwestern Ontario News By Lindsey Kuglin “Man charged for second time in 20-year-old case”
2013-02-28 CBC News, by Aleksandra Sagan “Suspect in 1993 Hanover, Ont., cold case charged again”
2013-02-28 QMI Agency, Toronto Sun “Suspect in 1993 cold case re-arrested, charged with murder”

CBC TV’s The National: Friday March 8, 2013 @ 10 PM on the Main CBC Network (The National) file.

Series background:

Canadian Cold Case is a story and character-driven revisiting of modern-era unsolved crimes involving Canadians from across the country. In each program, filmmaker David Ridgen works collaboratively with victim’s family members and others to return to crime scenes and hear the stories and voices of cases told through the eyes of those most closely connected to them. Programs will provide the opportunity to re-investigate tips and other avenues with the potential to generate new information that could, through the process, potentially re-energize cases.

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Writer/Director/Camera/Editor David Ridgen

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