the metaphorical elephant (cause there’s part of me)

A series of films about activism, humans, and other animals. Filmed in Thailand and Canada with Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, Darrick Thomson, and a cast of hundreds. Episode: “cause there’s part of me” follows trainer Chrissy Pratt as she works with elephants and talks about her experiences at SeaWorld. Episodes in the series may be watched in any order.

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2 thoughts

  1. David this is amazing and l look forward to each instalment. I have spent some time with Chrissy at Enp with Chang Yim and some of the older ladies feeding them and distracting them while the positive reinforcement training occurred. Chrissie is an anomaly, passionate, smart and lives for what she does. I cried when she spoke about Sea-world her emotions were palpable. David you captured the essence of Chrissie and her amazing work ethic. Again l look forward to the next instalment. Love ya work Jen )JJ)

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