Media: Mississippi Cold Case (2005-present)


“…a splendid documentary and an outstanding job of tv journalism…”

-Douglas Leiterman, pioneer Canadian broadcaster

“Stunning blow for justice happens right on camera.”

-Jim Bawden, Toronto Star

“Spine-tingling TV, real reality TV. Watch it.”

-Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun

“Riveting documentary hunts down a killer…Brilliant…likely the most riveting TV you will see this year.”

-Joel Rubinoff, KW Record


2013-03-16 New York Times by Dan Barry, Campbell Robertson and Robbie Brown
When Cold Cases Stay Cold

2011-08-04  New York Times, by Dennis Hevesi
James Ford Seale, imprisoned Klansman, Dies at 76

2011-01-01 Northeastern University Press, by David Ridgen
Cracking a Mississippi Cold Case

2009-06-05 CBC News
Conviction in 1964 Mississippi cold case stands: U.S. appeals court

2009-11-02 New York Times, by David Stout
“Court Declines Case of Klansmen in ’64 Slayings”

2009-03-01 CAJ Media Magazine, Winter Edition, by David Ridgen
“Justice in the Deep South”

2009-02-26 FBI Cold Case Initiative
Seeking Information on More Than 100 Civil Rights-Era Murders

2008-10-04 Kingston Whig-Standard by Ian Elliot
Queen’s grad solves Mississippi

2007-08-25 National Post Editorial
Justice at last (Editorial Page)

2007-08-25 Toronto Star/Associated Press by Emily Wagster Pettus
Reputed Klansman gets life in teen deaths: CBC filmmaker helped bring about conviction in 1964 slayings of two blacks in Mississippi

2007-08-24 CBC News Online
Reputed Klansman gets 3 life terms for 1964 U.S. race slayings

2007-07-18 Frank Magazine Vol.2 Issue 42
Corpse Doc Cockup

2007-07-02 Jet Magazine
National report: Reputed Klansman found guilty in 1964 Black teen deaths

2007-06-05 NPR, by Kathy Lohr
Seale civil rights murder trial begins, 43 years on

2007-06-05 Times of London, by Tim Reid
Suspect in forgotten Klan killings faces justice after 43 years 

Dutch Television on Seale trial

2007-05-29 NPR, by Kathy Lohr
Trial set to begin in civil rights-era murder

2007-05-29 Guardian UK, by Ewen Mackaskill
‘Dead’ Klansman on trial over 1964 deaths

2007-05-24 USA Today, by Jerry Mitchell
Photo of murder victim surfaces 43 years later

2007-05-03 CBC Online
U.S. governor censored news release, photos in civil rights cold case

2007-05-22 Queen’s Alumni Review, by David Ridgen
Cracking a Mississippi cold case

2007-03-09 CBC Online
Accused in 1964 Mississippi race slayings wrote hate letter

2007-02-03 New York Times by Shaila Dewan
Push to resolve fading killings of rights era

2007-01-25 CBC Radio: The Current
Interview with filmmaker David Ridgen (REALAUDIO FORMAT)

2007-01-25 FBI Web Site, CIVIL RIGHTS CRIMES
Ex-Klansman Charged in ’64 Slayings

2007-01-26 Toronto Star by Raju Mudhar
Cracking a very cold case: CBC filmmaker David Ridgen’s research helps secure arrest in two murders from 1964

2007-01-26 Globe & Mail by Alan Freeman
Reputed Klansman charged in horrific decades-old slayings

2007-01-26 Washington Post/Associated Press by Allen Breed
Brother wins arrest in ’64 case

2007-01-26 Orlando Sentinel/Associated Press by Allen Breed
Unlikely pair seeks belated justice

2005-09-25 New York Times by Allen Breed
Reported as Dead, Suspect in ’64 Killings Turns Up Alive

2005-09-24 Rocky Mountain News by Joe Garner
Hunt for Justice in 1964 Killings

2005-07-17 Natchez Democrat by K Whipple-Bean
Moore: Community Must Come Forward with Information

2005-07-16 Natchez Democrat by K Whipple-Bean
CBC Crew Follows Moore’s Quest

2005-07-16 Natchez Democrat by K Whipple-Bean
Brother of Man Slain in ’60s Pressing for Justice

2005-07-15 LA Times by Ellen Barry
Civil Rights Era Crimes Reviewed

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    • Not sure it is available online anymore due to copyright, largely related to the Johnny Cash song that starts the film. I have heard that there is a distributor selling the short version of the film on Amazon. I do not own the film. CBC and their distributor does.

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