Media: Mississippi Cold Case (2005-present)


“…a splendid documentary and an outstanding job of tv journalism…”

-Douglas Leiterman, pioneer Canadian broadcaster

“Stunning blow for justice happens right on camera.”

-Jim Bawden, Toronto Star

“Spine-tingling TV, real reality TV. Watch it.”

-Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun

“Riveting documentary hunts down a killer…Brilliant…likely the most riveting TV you will see this year.”

-Joel Rubinoff, KW Record


2013-03-16 New York Times by Dan Barry, Campbell Robertson and Robbie Brown
When Cold Cases Stay Cold

2011-08-04  New York Times, by Dennis Hevesi
James Ford Seale, imprisoned Klansman, Dies at 76

2011-01-01 Northeastern University Press, by David Ridgen
Cracking a Mississippi Cold Case

2009-06-05 CBC News
Conviction in 1964 Mississippi cold case stands: U.S. appeals court

2009-11-02 New York Times, by David Stout
“Court Declines Case of Klansmen in ’64 Slayings”

2009-03-01 CAJ Media Magazine, Winter Edition, by David Ridgen
“Justice in the Deep South”

2009-02-26 FBI Cold Case Initiative
Seeking Information on More Than 100 Civil Rights-Era Murders

2008-10-04 Kingston Whig-Standard by Ian Elliot
Queen’s grad solves Mississippi

2007-08-25 National Post Editorial
Justice at last (Editorial Page)

2007-08-25 Toronto Star/Associated Press by Emily Wagster Pettus
Reputed Klansman gets life in teen deaths: CBC filmmaker helped bring about conviction in 1964 slayings of two blacks in Mississippi

2007-08-24 CBC News Online
Reputed Klansman gets 3 life terms for 1964 U.S. race slayings

2007-07-18 Frank Magazine Vol.2 Issue 42
Corpse Doc Cockup

2007-07-02 Jet Magazine
National report: Reputed Klansman found guilty in 1964 Black teen deaths

2007-06-05 NPR, by Kathy Lohr
Seale civil rights murder trial begins, 43 years on

2007-06-05 Times of London, by Tim Reid
Suspect in forgotten Klan killings faces justice after 43 years 

Dutch Television on Seale trial

2007-05-29 NPR, by Kathy Lohr
Trial set to begin in civil rights-era murder

2007-05-29 Guardian UK, by Ewen Mackaskill
‘Dead’ Klansman on trial over 1964 deaths

2007-05-24 USA Today, by Jerry Mitchell
Photo of murder victim surfaces 43 years later

2007-05-03 CBC Online
U.S. governor censored news release, photos in civil rights cold case

2007-05-22 Queen’s Alumni Review, by David Ridgen
Cracking a Mississippi cold case

2007-03-09 CBC Online
Accused in 1964 Mississippi race slayings wrote hate letter

2007-02-03 New York Times by Shaila Dewan
Push to resolve fading killings of rights era

2007-01-25 CBC Radio: The Current
Interview with filmmaker David Ridgen (REALAUDIO FORMAT)

2007-01-25 FBI Web Site, CIVIL RIGHTS CRIMES
Ex-Klansman Charged in ’64 Slayings

2007-01-26 Toronto Star by Raju Mudhar
Cracking a very cold case: CBC filmmaker David Ridgen’s research helps secure arrest in two murders from 1964

2007-01-26 Globe & Mail by Alan Freeman
Reputed Klansman charged in horrific decades-old slayings

2007-01-26 Washington Post/Associated Press by Allen Breed
Brother wins arrest in ’64 case

2007-01-26 Orlando Sentinel/Associated Press by Allen Breed
Unlikely pair seeks belated justice

2005-09-25 New York Times by Allen Breed
Reported as Dead, Suspect in ’64 Killings Turns Up Alive

2005-09-24 Rocky Mountain News by Joe Garner
Hunt for Justice in 1964 Killings

2005-07-17 Natchez Democrat by K Whipple-Bean
Moore: Community Must Come Forward with Information

2005-07-16 Natchez Democrat by K Whipple-Bean
CBC Crew Follows Moore’s Quest

2005-07-16 Natchez Democrat by K Whipple-Bean
Brother of Man Slain in ’60s Pressing for Justice

2005-07-15 LA Times by Ellen Barry
Civil Rights Era Crimes Reviewed

8 thoughts

    • Not sure it is available online anymore due to copyright, largely related to the Johnny Cash song that starts the film. I have heard that there is a distributor selling the short version of the film on Amazon. I do not own the film. CBC and their distributor does.

      • Has CBC thought of televising this documentary again since your podcast had been out on SKS. I’d sure be interested in seeing the whole documentary.
        Your work on SKS is simply amazing. Started listening to it only a few weeks ago. You do Canada proud.

  1. Hello! What is the name of the video you mention at the beginning of the podcast mentioning “the wrong body”? Thank you!

    • Summer in Mississippi is the original film with John Drainie saying that phrase…but I have the clip in my film Mississippi Cold Case as well.

  2. David, this podcast just took my breath away. The ending brought a knot in my throat and tears of happiness and amazement. You do amazing work and are the best and most tenacious investigator I’ve seen or heard. So happy to have discovered you on Pandora! A fan for life!

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