Profile of David Ridgen (by Craig Young)

profile head shot kimpluscraig

Today Craig Young released his profile interview with me (David Ridgen) about my films and POV on things ranging from gear to red giants. Honoured to be featured in this way. Here’s Craig’s hilarious intro to his piece on FB:

“i’ve been trying to come up with some kind of witty intro about David Ridgen. maybe how he’s a bit harumphy like me, maybe that i appreciate his “ride it like you stole it” attitude when in unknown environs, maybe that my poor attempt at humor and using animated gifs of tusken raiders from star wars to describe what i’m thinking gets mostly understood by him. but really, his lasting impression on me will be the fact that i’ll never look at watermelons the same again. that, and the stink of his unwashed clothes helped mask my own filth while we were both at Elephant Nature Park.

on a more serious note, if you’re not familiar with david’s work you need to remedy that. and by remedy i mean immediately. his filmography is deep and wide, and the places he’s been with the people he’s met covering the various issues of justice and the human condition that he has is worthy of everyone’s time and attention. yours especially.

it was a pleasure to interview david, and an even bigger one to share it. [by Craig Young]”

See Craig’s profile of David Ridgen (me) here.

Craig Young with Medo at Elephant Nature Park November 2013 (Ridgen ©˙2013)

Craig Young with Medo at Elephant Nature Park November 2013 (Ridgen © 2013)

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