Short doc “Love song for the apocalypse” (2015) now online!

Love song for the apocalypse tells a story of nostalgia, beauty, pain and danger in the decay and detritus of humanity. Lyrical, visually and aurally experimental, the film exposes us to a sub-cultural scene that crosses the terrains of the artistic and psychological, the historical and the natural, to preserve and re-purpose in its last moments the worlds and life narratives we construct, and then leave behind.

Starring: Jerm IX, Ninja IX, Terapr0, Rashomon, Gavin, Juliya, Louise, Esther, and more…

Funding: Love song for the apocalypse received funding from Bravofactual, a Bell Media Fund program.

Broadcaster Mag announcement herebell_media_enBravoFactual logoDownload the “Love song for the apocalypse” Electronic Press Kit (EPK) HERE.

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