SKS Season 2: Sheppard

Someone Knows Something (SKS) is an ongoing investigative original CBC podcast series, written and hosted by award-winning filmmaker David Ridgen, that explores cases of the missing or murdered and unravels the visceral ripple effects on families and small communities across Canada. Each week, SKS brings audiences up close with the family that is looking for answers, the investigators who can’t quit and potential suspects – investigating theories, debunking rumours and finding new information – all through head-on pov storytelling.

Season Two: Sheryl Sheppard

29-year-old Sheryl Sheppard disappeared from Hamilton, Ontario on or around January 2nd 1998. David works with her mother Odette Fisher and an intertwined ensemble cast of friends, family, police and others to re-investigate the case, revealing new information with every episode. 

Episodes so far…

Season Preview

A short doc about the upcoming Season Two case followed by Someone Knows Something (SKS).

1. The Trailer Park 

When Odette Fisher returned from holidays in New Brunswick on January 4th 1998, she expected her daughter Sheryl Sheppard to pick her up at Toronto’s Union Station. Sheryl never showed up and Sheryl’s new fiancé hadn’t seen her for days.

2. The Hammer

Hamilton police discover Sheryl Sheppard’s fiancé, Michael Lavoie, parked in a storage locker overcome by exhaust fumes. SKS host David Ridgen talks to police about their original investigation to begin piecing together what happened that fateful weekend.

3. Blondie

Who was Sheryl Sheppard? David Ridgen speaks to her family, friends and co-workers to try to find out if there was anything in her past that could provide clues to explain her sudden disappearance.

4. Intimation

The search for more information about Sheryl’s disappearance begins to both widen and focus on the details, as David uses everything from Facebook to knocking on doors to try to figure out what might have happened to Sheryl.

5. Girlfriend

In the weeks surrounding Sheryl’s disappearance, Michael Lavoie began a relationship with another woman, Sheila Darbyson. Sheila talks here for the first time about many surprising details.


David tracks down Michael Lavoie’s step-brother, Mark Dempsey, and talks to him about family, betrayal, and the criminal code.


David drives cross-country to meet with Gwen, Michael Lavoie’s former partner of many years. Retired detectives share new details about their investigation. And a local reporter reveals a previously unreported story about Lavoie.


Gwen speaks about her relationship with Michael Lavoie, what she recalls from those crucial days in January 1998, and the effect that Sheryl’s disappearance had on Gwen and her family.

9The Appearance of Force

David takes a closer look at the New Year’s Eve proposal video with a forensic psychologist and the TV host who was there that night. We also hear from people who say they witnessed violence between Michael and Sheryl first hand.


David speaks to people who knew Michael Lavoie as a child, as well as members of his family, including his mother, Pat Lavoie.


As David tries to track down and speak to Brian Sweeney, Sheryl’s ex-husband, evidence begins to pile up that Sheryl may have known her life was in danger.


Where is Sheryl Sheppard? David looks into her potential whereabouts and makes direct contact with the man police have named as the prime suspect in Sheryl’s disappearance: Michael Lavoie.



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Other Media

CBC Short Video: Hamilton’s Notorious Murders

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