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  1. Pertaining to –five-year-old Adrien McNaughton

    In our neck of the woods, at that time we had a man, who was hiding in bushes and other places attempting to go after children. He would try to pick up little kids going home from school in his car as well.

    I do not know if he was ever picked up or not. I don’t think he ever was.
    Before that he was around as well. Hiding in grave yards etc.
    That would be around that time and quit a few years before that,

    Now a few years back there was an older fellow who was picked up in Ottawa it was aired on CTC News. That would be a bit after 1999 and before 2006 when I saw that news cast.
    He sure looked a alot like the guy, who hid in the bush, only he was older of course.

    Apparently the guy who was doing the hiding to go after children was also seen in Westmeath. So he got around.
    Calabogie is a short distance from Renfrew, where a number of kids had seen him. I would imagine that one never stopped going after children.

    Then again I could be wrong.

    He would be one of the ones, that would be on my suspect list however.
    I saw him way back, on my way home from school.
    That would be about 50 years ago give or take, when I saw him.
    He had been seen before that by other kids. I am guessing it was the same man. His ways and means did not change.

    The old guy on CTV, was still after kids, so if he was the same person he never stopped. All that one got was a slap on the hand.

    That old man may have died by now.
    I don’t remember, what his name was.
    I do remember how was pretending to be all crippled up so everyone would think he was a harmless old man.
    That apparently was just an act.

    If it was not him, it may have been someone like him, who picked up the little guy.

    Some of them, just never stop going after little kids.
    Some have had a hundred or more victims.
    If you look through history that is.

  2. also liked your SKS I actually just caught the last episode today and am anxious to hear if u do one more episode if the divers do comeback ..Iam very interested in true crime and theres a few that i often wonder about around my area. off hand one would be Jake Just out of midland. Also Cindy Halliday who was hitch hiking home from barrie back to the out skirts of midland also leah sousa also somewhat near midland ont..lastly christing caleyanca dissapeared from a camping site up in or around northbay really strange details about how fast that one happend…and again you follow hwy 11 or 400 to northbay when u are coming home you will come with in a few miles of you guessed it MIDLAND ONTARIO….

    • Hi Jeremy. I only infrequently moderate comments on my web site. Thanks for sending yours! I am aware of some of the cases you speak of and am looking into these and others for upcoming seasons of SKS. Best, David

  3. Hi David

    Just a brief note to say how well the pods have done, you & the crew deserve credit for the professional quality of your journalism & production.

    Thank you also for doing something truly special in helping the family & friends Adrien & Sheryl, your exhaustive work will no doubt bear fruit, one day.

    I am unable to say anything to their families so perhaps you could & pass on my heartfelt feelings for their loss.. & god bless them & give them strength.

    Please keep up the great work!!

    Regards to all

  4. Hi David 🙂 It takes an immense amount of talent, humility, kindness, skill, wit and forethought to impress me. And you’ve managed to do that. Well done, sir. Your work is admirable, deft, nuanced and handled with an eye towards the story — not the presenter. I applaud the quiet, dogged way in which you accomplish your work. You are a joy to listen to. Thank you for bringing humanity back to journalism.

  5. Hi Mr. Ridgen,
    I could write a thousand words on how much I appreciated the MS Cold Case podcast, but I’ll be brief. I am a young white woman who grew up 50 miles away from Meadville, MS, and no podcast has ever effected me as much as this one has. Growing up in Mississippi, they teach you about that social injustices that were inflicted upon black people in the past, but no one speaks of the seemingly less obvious but still ever present issues there are today. I recently had a black friend from Alabama who mentioned that every time she drives through specific parts of Mississippi she knows not to stop because she is fearful. As I was listening to your podcast, a wrote down a statements by Mr. Moore, “I feel safe here; I would not feel safe in Mississippi.” This is heartbreaking to me, as Mississippi is my home and my place of comfort. I’m thankful to have fresh eyes and to be able to see the inequities and hope for a brighter future for my state. I’m honored that you would take time to do this project diligence and present it in such a beautiful way to my generation (one who listens to podcasts), as many southern folk my age are blind to present issues. I am also very heartbroken yet joyful with Mr. Moore who sought justice and prevailed for his family. To Mr. Moore and all effected black brothers and sisters- please know that this fellow Mississippian, a believer in Jesus, a young white female, stands with you for social justice. #blacklivesmatter

  6. Just did a binge listen to this popcast series about Adrien…and wanted to know what the final outcome was from the tooth and piece of rubber that was found in the lake? Were they ever able to find any DNA from the tooth? Was the lake dredged for more clues?

  7. Thank you for producing such a quality podcast. I feel like I’m right there investigating alongside your team, which is unlike any experience I’ve had before. Add to that your Canadian accent, which sometimes makes me giggle at the oddest times – maybe to break the tension – and this Texas girl is not ever going to stop listening!

  8. there is an old case out of cape cod, the christa worthington case that might bear some investigation, they arrested a guy who has an IQ of 78 only on the fact he had sex with the dead woman, who was found with her 2 year old daughter near her body. There are lots of odd characters involved in this story, including her own father’s involvement with a drug addict- her involvement with a married man in the town whom she had a child with, and many more.. I wish I could go with you to help me on this case, I would love to go out there. Please consider looking into Christa’s story.

  9. Hello David, I am a HUGE fan of your work. I just heard you mention in the podcast SKS that you suffered from Anxiety & Panic attacks. You said something about being able to learn or train your brain on how to get through these. I struggle very often and getting older, they seem to get worse. Can you share more on this?

  10. So I was listening to the Let’s Not Meet podcast. Season 5, episode 6 a girl had an attempted kidnapping at a Tim Horton’s in a small town in Canada. Could the same have happened to Sheryl? Or do you really suspect the boyfriend? Or maybe the boyfriend was making these attempts since he was already watching Sheryl while she worked. Just made me wonder if the two were connected.

  11. Hi David,

    I’m a true crime enthusiast if you wish and have listen to all your podcasts!

    I just listened to episode 3 on The Next Call and had a thought. You may have touched on it and I missed it but what I thought was very interesting was when Denis arrives back to place from his “fishing trip” and Celine is over there. Celine informs Denis that Melanie is missing and his response was “who ever has her will have scratches” don’t you think that is a very suspicious response… he automatically assumes someone has her…

    I guess I just wanted to get your thoughts on that!

    Other than that keep up the good work I really enjoy your work!!

    Leith from Australia!

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